When Is Christmas Celebrated?

when is christmas

When Is Christmas Celebrated? | Next 5 Years Dates

Christmas is the festival of Christians and it is celebrated for the birthday of Jesus Christ. Every Year it is celebrated on 25th December. Next 5 Years Dates follow:

Year Date Day
2019 25th December Wednesday
2020 25th December Friday
2021 25th December Saturday
2022 25th December Sunday
2023 25th December Monday


When Christmas Is Celebrated in other countries?

Well, every time thought comes into our mind that Is Christmas Celebrated on 25th December (Evening time) in all other countries including India or dates are different. As you are aware that all the calendars are different as per religious-like Hindi or English new year dates always different. In Russia and Serbia as there are some churches (Orthodox Churches & Jerusalem, Ukraine) where people celebrate Christmas on 07th January even Ethiopia is also the location where Christmas celebrates on 07th January.

Why Christians Celebrate Christmas?

The world over Celebrates Christmas in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ and different cultures celebrate different ways. The unifying factor is the historical fact the Jesus was born around 500bc. The angel who appeared to shepherd Nativity of Jesus Christ said  “ I Bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. We celebrate Christmas because as the angel said in the birth of Jesus Christ is good news and the good news is men to be celebrated in fact the angel said the news of Jesus’ birth will cause great joy and for all the people the joy for celebration would be universal. People around the world would be glad of this occasion. Christians celebrate the Christmas as the angel said a savior has been born to you.

Santa Claus in Christmas Celebration Important Role

Most Famous question of Christmas celebration that who is Santa Claus and what is the role of him? As you already have seen or heard about his looks in movies, cartoon, websites, online videos that Santa looks like an old man and have a beard, give candies to kids and who is the bad kid he gives coal. Even kids hang the socks in the room as they expect that Santa will come and drop the gift into the socks but obviously parents keep the hart of kids and they put the gift into the socks and kids gets to feel happy.

So exactly what is the story of Santa Claus? Many years ago ‘Saint Nicholas’ also known as ‘Nicholas of Bari’ as he was the bishop (Father of the church) of the church and his parents were wealthy and after a time parents were no more and all the money were now Saint Nicholas. Well, he was so plausible as they are known as helpful people like poor or helpless people, he always supports them. As he had enough money to help people. Now the main story begins and this Anecdote is from Myra, the turkey. And there was a man who was so poor and had 3 daughters as the story is from Asia, people always concerned about dowry in Asia so the same situation was there with that man as daughters were now young means ready to marriage as he was so poor and always thought about the dowry that how he will a dowry and all. Then saint Nicholas got the same information about that man and he was concerned about this , then he went to their home in red jacket (like Santa Claus you saw) and dropped a purse into the chimney as there was a gold in the purse and it was continued after a day too and the third day again he tried to drop a bundle of gold but that poor man saw him and asked for the same. Yes saint Nicholas was a Santa Claus means who helped people a lot and saint Nicholas continued these activities as he started to distribute the gifts to the kids and the theme began even people believed when they got any type of gift and thought that it was given by Saint Nicholas.

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