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Send Birthday Gifts Online India

Send Birthday Gifts – Online Birthday Gifts delivery is the best choice to share your emotions with your loved ones. as you know everyone loves gifts, especially on birthday or anniversary. So you have a good chance to order a Birthday gift on your loved one’s birthday and wish them Happy Birthday.


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Best Birthday Gifts To Send Online

It doesn't matter which occasion is that, But receiving an online gift is what makes us feel more special for someone or for our family. In earlier times people used to interact over the phone to wish their loved ones or used to buy flowers and reach their houses to surprise them. As we are living in the 21st century which is a technology time, so here we deliver the birthday gift online in India and also covering almost all the cities. In today's time also we try to celebrate the birthday at home with the family where we try to arrange a cake along with some other gifts. But on the other hand, If you are looking to wish someone who stays or works away from you or from your family Than you can simply choose to send the birthday gifts online at the doorstep. Making this possible will surely make the other person glad and happy.

Order Birthday Gifts For your Family

Each and every relationship is important being in the family, it is our responsibility to keep our family members happy at each point of life. The relation can be between you and your friend or between you and your relatives who away from you. It is our responsibility to give importance to each relationship we have and in order to do that, We need to make them remember that they are part of our life and our life be complete without them. So each and every occasion is important, be it a birthday, Anniversary, teachers' day or any festival like Diwali, Eid, etc. Everyone is in the need to feel that they are loved by someone or family and to be honest it is not much difficult to execute it. We have a product to spread happiness by just wishing them on their special day. We know how it feels when you receive any surprise birthday gifts online. It creates that positive feeling inside you to have that person for a lifetime and they feel proud to have you in their life. So here at the flower portal, we make this process easier, being into a busy schedule doesn't have to go outside to see the gifts or to purchase it. Now it is quite easy to choose from the various gifts. Being into this beautiful industry we categories the gifts into different sections.


Order Birthday Cakes

Order Birthday Flowers

Birthday Surprise Gifts | Bring a Smile On Your Closed One's Face

Hers are some occasions on which the gift can be sent. Birthday is one of the most special for anyone, anniversary, gifts for brother birthday, gift for sister birthday, best of luck gift, gift for promotion, best wishes gift, online gift for marriage, etc. it always makes you feel amazing if you could start any one day with a surprise. It also helps the person to stay positive throughout the day. So make this effort from your end and we are sure you will get to see the positive result and can see the change in your relationship too.

Personalized Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts

Special Birthday Gifts For Home Delivery

A gift is always sent through emotion and not with money involved in it. We all know birthday comes once in a year and we always try our level best to makes it as special as possible. Every relation has emotion involved in it and so any relation looks so beautiful. Birthdays are one of the best events in anyone's life to show the love. Even if you are far away from your family or a special one you always try to wish them up But doesn't get the facility to wish them with some gifts and keeping that thought in our mind we introduced the online birthday gifts Home delivery to pan India.  Where you are able to send the birthday gift online for your sister, mother, father, brother, lover, friend or any other person who is important to for with the fastest delivery option. We deliver your gift the same day even in the fixed time too.

Order Birthday Flowers Online With FP

Selecting the right gift is as important as the event. Sometimes we choose the gift that doesn't match the occasion and doesn't spread that happiness which should have been done. We at the flower portal have a wide gallery of gifts that suites the occasion. Flowers and cake is the common gift for birthday and that suites the occasion like birthday also. We are specialized to send birthday gifts online anywhere in India.

What We Have For Birthday

Looking to send gifts for a birthday you can choose, birthday cake, flower bouquet, chocolates, Teddy, hand made chocolate, the arrangement of the flower basket. all these gifts can be personalized customized as per your requirement. You can choose the flower from roses, rose can be chosen from red rose, yellow rose, white rose, pink rose,  carnation is also one of the beautiful flowers to arrange in the bouquet, lilies look too bright and beautiful, orchids can make anyone's smile. Teddy can be select as per the size, chocolate is there, we keep all the luxury chocolates which include Ferrero rocher, silk, dairy milk, KitKat, etc.

Buy Birthday Gifts Online for your Adorable Ones

We are one of the growing websites to deliver the birthday gift online all over India. Being a leading gifting website keeps all the gifts to send any occasion. We have an expert who works is to help you while selecting the gift, Selecting the right color flower is important as it leaves that impression on the recipient. To reduce your task to select the gift our expert our available you can simply chat with them or call them to get advice or suggestions. They are always happy to help you. So in today's time, it's not a big task to search for a suitable gift. We have endless birthday gifts in India which can be sent to your loved ones or family. Trust us it really feels amazing when someone sends a gift on birthday.

Showing your love towards your loved one can not be best, But to show it on birthday, a day of happiness and joy is the perfect day to give blessing to them and show them how much you love or admire love and what role they play in your life and a heart shape will help you a lot to do that. You can also club the heart shape cake with a bunch of roses to make your loved one smile and happy. Nowadays, we can purchase happiness online,  technology has taken the place in this world now, you can even place the order online while seating our side of India. Everything you look outside to purchase it, You can buy it online. Earlier it was quite difficult to do all this stuff. But now it has become so easy to make it possible while seating anywhere.

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas In India

By Types

By Relation

Gift ideas

Delivery Options

Price Range

Birthday Cakes


Butterscotch Cake with Chocolate cuttings, Silky Truffle Cake,


Early Morning


 499 - 5,819

Birthday Flowers


8 Roses Bouquet, Perfect Red Roses




 399 - ₹ 11,599

Birthday Chocolates


Lilies & Rochers Combo, Big Mixed Chocolates Combo,


Fix Time


₹ 449 - ₹ 3,519

Birthday Customized Gifts


HD Printed Mug, Valentines

Personalized Cushion,


Courier Service


₹ 449 - ₹ 3999

The Role Played By Technology

Technology plays a very crucial role from starting searching for the gift and to deliver it. Technology gives the wings to your feeling, emotion, and love,  your emotion fly to reach anywhere with the help of the internet and technology. A few years back when the Internet and technology were not so familiar, People had to go to shops to look they can get to wish their loved one, Searching for best birthday gifts was a heating challenge to choose, it used to take a lot of efforts, Even didn't have the option to wish their special one in midnight on their birthday, The shops were not open in nights. Everything was manually operated by people. Now the technology made everything easy and hassle-free. You are just a few clicks away to surprise your loved ones. It saves your time a lot. Saves your money, gives your endless gift option to choose from while staying at home, gift delivery as per your given time, mid might gift delivery used to be a difficult task, but now it is too normal to get it anywhere, can make the combo, we can hide your identity of you are willing to keep it as secret.

Various options for Cakes, you can order

Pineapple Cake Vanilla cake Butterscotch cake
Chocolate cake Black forest cake Cherry cake
Fruit cake White forest cake Red velvet cake

So the technology and internet covering us everywhere. Technology is being used everywhere. The Internet made our life easy to get most of the things at the doorstep.

We Also Serve In Remote Areas

We have the services in remote areas also, villages are the most difficult areas to cover, As transportation is very less compare to other metro cities. We know most of us don't stay with our family who stay in the village and we have to stay I cities just for our jobs, So keeping that thought, we are trying to cover all the villages and remote areas. Being staying in the cities we are not able to do much for families who stay in remote areas. It becomes a double responsibility for us to deliver your gifts along with your emotions.  So here at the flower portal, you can place the order for the remote and village area. We will surely try to deliver your order of the courier services are there, the extra charges will be applicable as per area and location. However, few areas are still away from our reach where we can deliver the birthday gifts, We will try to cover all of them as soon as possible for us. Gifts are still subject to availability as per the remote area.

Main Cities We Cover with Online Birthday Gift Delivery

Delhi Faridabad Gurugram
Noida Meerut Mumbai
Pune Nasik Lonavala
Chandigarh Amritsar Ludhiana
Bhatinda Chennai Bangalore
Kolkata Hyderabad Visakhapatnam
Kanpur Lucknow Surat
Ahmedabad Rajkot Goa
Jaipur Bikaner Nagpur
Bhopal Indore Patna
Vadodara Ghaziabad Varanasi
Srinagar Aurangabad Allahabad
Howrah Ranchi Gwalior
Guwahati Coimbatore Jodhpur
Vijaywada Madurai Raipur
Solapur Mysore Bareilly
Aligarh Jalandhar Gorakhpur
Jamshedpur Ajmer Siliguri
Jhansi Mangalore Patiala
Mujjafar Nagar Bilaspur

Birthday Gifts For Her/Girlfriend

You always have to take the extra effort to make your girlfriend happy,  the time has come to take the benefit of the technology. Giving a flower to her can make her day can fill her day with full of happiness inside her. Girlfriend is someone who needs someone who can pamper her take care of her, can make her smile at the worst situation, So here you can plan the best birthday gift online with flower portal,  Plan a birthday gift for her at her doorstep. All she needs a carrying boyfriend who can love her unconditionally, You need to make her realized you put her on the priority, put her above everything, It's time for you to do some extraordinary arrangement, plan a midnight surprise on her birthday with some beautiful flowers cake and lot of chocolates make her best birthday ever.  Is she working girl and you are finding it difficult to match her schedule to send the gift, So you can leave that tension on us, We can deliver your order at her office address or her doorstep where you want us to deliver and also you can choose the fixed time, Where we can deliver your order in her break time she is in the office. Else you can choose any of the delivery schedule times, we have 4 hours slot to deliver your orders along with order the personal message card where we give you the option to write your own feelings to make feelings surprise more special.

If you will wish her at midnight just to wish her at first, So simply choose the midnight birthday gift delivery slot, Whereas we will be delivering your order at midnight. At midnight also we take complete responsibility for the quality of the gift, The flowers will be fresh enough to give that her surprise moment. And also you can send some of the customized gifts, Like a photo printed mug, photo frame, cushion with her photo on it, A gold rose, We are sure these are gifts that can make your effort successful. So place your order with a flower portal for her birthday and makes it the best one and doing this will also help you to smile. We also give the option to customize your gift as per the need.

Gifts For Him On Birthday

If you are in a process to find the special gift for your men, then you have landed at the right website,  We are available with all types of a gift for men, We can make your search less. Be it for your boyfriend, husband or close friend.  We are India's one of the loved websites for men's gift, So here at Flower Portal, you can find the unique and different for him on any of his special days. You can even make him smile by smiling yourself, But giving a surprise gift will make his day,

You can imagine the smile on his face while receiving your gift, We are sure you will love to see that. Imagine his expression while he is receiving the mix rose bouquet along with chocolate bouquet or cake, Even you should see his reaction while reading your personal message card. So all these things make any gift special where you include your emotion. If he likes to get surprised than we are sure this would be an ideal surprise gift for him and this will keep him remind how much you care for him and love him. You can choose from the customized gift section and all these customized gifts can stay for a long time,

What, If he stays far away from you.

In today's world, most of us stay away from our family or loved ones. Be it for study or for our job. But on the other hand, it is also important to take out some time for our family also and with them up on their special day is staying with them or staying away from them. Here we can solve your problem with online gift delivery anywhere in India. it is easy now to wish your loved one on any occasion with different gifts. You can send a cardholder along with other edible gifts. Can send, photo frame, printed t-shirt, a mug with his photo, cushion, a gold rose, So all these gifts are at a very affordable price with the discount voucher. A small gift can express all your emotion, feeling to him,

We all know every male character to be it a boy, men play an important role in your life. They protect you from the other bad humans,

They support you, they care for you, they keep you on priority, they pamper you, So they try every effort to keep you healthy happy. Each and every character played by a male is important, it's time for you to do something for them and with them on their birthday.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I select the gift?

You can select the gift as par the occasion, We have created all the gift section as per the occasion, if it is for men, You can select an arrangement of roses, cake, chocolate or any other gift which can suit the person.

2. How do I make the payment?

Payment can be done online, you can make the payment through debit card, credit card, any wallet, All these options are easy to complete.

3.  I am looking to give a surprise to my wife at midnight, Any option?

We know how important it is to wish someone at midnight and how it feel when you got a surprise gift in the middle of the night from your loved ones, So we have arranged that midnight online delivery slot, the gift delivery time will be between 11 pm to 1 am, So the delivery person will call the recipient after the reaching the address and wish the person with your gift. The extra charges are applicable for midnight delivery.

4.  How to trust the flower portal?

We know how it feels when you are sending the online gift first time to your family or loved ones, your fear is obvious, But we are one of the trusted website in India who delivered your emotion. We take all the responsibility of your order, we take the extra care with each and every order. You can trust us, please the order and leave the rest things on us.

5.   Are there any extra charges for order delivery?

We have 4 hours slot to deliver your order and that takes 75/- rs per order delivery. Apart from that we have fixed time delivery where we will deliver your order within the given fixed time slot, Like order will be delivered between 10 am to 11 am, So you choose 1 hour time from 9 am to 9 pm to deliver your order, However, 200/-rs fixed time delivery charges will be applicable and the last deliver we can make in the midnight slot where the charges will be 300/-rs.

6. Which time slot I should choose to deliver my order?

We have 3-time slots for normal order delivery I.E  8 am to 12 pm,  12 pm to 4 pm, 4 Pm to 10 pm. So if you choose any of them, We can deliver your order between the given time frame.

7. Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation will be accepted if it 4 hours prior to the order delivery time, In case if the order in Process or suppose on the way, then all the order charges, will be paid by the customer Since we deal with perishable items

8.  What if the quality is not up to the mark or good?

Before sending the gifts we always check the quality of the items, But still if the quality is not good, Than you can raise the complaint about the same and that order will be taken care of by our quality team to rectify the issue and accordingly you will be informed.

9.  Is any discount or voucher available to get a discount?

The discount voucher is on the website, Also time to time we do run some discount voucher, So you can easily find it and use it.

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