Nowadays technology and new idea’s are taking place in ever manner they can, And using that technology in our daily basis activities is getting very useful in various form. is an online gifting platform that helps you to choose the best gifts, Launched in 2017 by founder Piyush Arora. It was not a big start. They haven’t had enough money to make it in one shot, So he started doing a job just to support the company and take it on the next level. And now it’s going quite good. They have a good number of people team to execute the order in the right manner. And Flowerportal is a website That brings the option to choose the right form of gifts as per occasion or relation. The products are given in different variations such as Flowers, Cakes, Luxury Chocolate, Teddy, Plants etc. The prices are given in such ways that you can customize the gifts with minimum price and Flowerportal gives you the option where each and every order is taking care under every individual to make sure that order should be delivered correctly.

The industry of gifting is as big as any other industry in India. Even the other big online shopping brands taking the initiative to deal in gifting segment. It’s a huge market and day by day consumers are getting aware about online gifting. But after working for a few months in the gifting segment we came to know about small loopholes which can create a bad customer experience. So they decided to make it perfect as much as they can with new technology.

Learning and Improvement So Far

It seems that Flowerportal has grown up very fast as soon as they started learning and improving them self in terms of customer service. Initially, they had stared with 4 members team where only two Merchant were attached with them. But, As as per Flowerportal CEO they have spent more than 1 year just to know customer basic needs and what technical or technology they need to involve in order to make better customer experience and also for a merchant that has clear to policy to pay them on every month as per cycle. And after associated 1 year with Flowerportal now have the largest chain of local Merchant just to cater the order in minimum time along with good quality assurance. Initially, they used to get few orders, But after working so much on marketing strategy and on customer base now they are getting good numbers of orders and soon they are about to make vendor base programme where they can understand vendor needs or requirements in order to make the consumer and vendor happy.

Future Goals And Finding

As per Mr. Piyush Arora, they have a clear vision to put all the gifts together at one platform to save consumer time and money. Now it’s quite difficult to find right form of gift as per occasion at on one website and now in this busy world Folks have to browse 2-3 website just to get the right gift for there loved ones and that also takes too much time and extra expenses like delivery charges etc. So here Flowerportal is trying to make one and only platform to get all forms of gifts or to bring them at one place. That can more hassle free. About funding, they are looking for good funding just expand it on a big level.