Tips On How to Take Care of A Garden

how to take care of garden

Prevention is better than cure

I and we all want to live with nice greenery and it is necessary for us to put some plants in our house to get that fresh air and a beautiful environment. We all know that trees and garden plays a crucial role in our life through which our life stays healthy and our body remains healthy. We all are aware the air pollution is growing faster, Which we can only beat through the greenery. We will not be able to give anything to our upcoming generation if we do not think of fighting with air pollution today. It is our responsibility to give a healthy environment to this society and also protect it.

If you have a hobby to grow the garden or interested to live with a healthy garden than stay with us, We will make you go through some of the ideas to take care of the garden. We all know winters doesn’t take much effort to keep a garden healthy, But summer takes, Now we have entered the summer session, So we have to have extra care of our plants. The temperature is changing every day and getting hot and dry.
Trust us, If you take the extra care of the plant in the summer than it will turn out the be a really good session for the plants. So here are tips to keep the garden healthy. If you are looking at how to ten a garden? Then below is the answer, this will also inform you about basic garden maintenance.

1. Watering 

As the temperature gets high and got in these days, In summers you need to give water to the plants more often, Than you used to give in winter. Giving more water than a normal day saves the plants from dehydration and Protects from the heat of the sun. Normally we water the plant once a day, But just to keep the potting soil sandy, Make a rule to give the water twice a day.

watering plants
Watering Plants

2. Humidity

To maintain the humidity level, You need to cover the above part of the soil with mulching which included leaves of the dead plants, pieces of wood, branches, Along with this mulching you can also cover the layer of the soil with small pebbles they really work good to maintain the humidity level and to keep the plant healthy the humidity level should be maintained.


3. Keep the plants close to each other.

plants close each other

You can place them close to each other and this will surely help them to get the sun lightless and also prevent them from more heat of the sun and also try to shade the small plants from the larger one, doing this will also help to increase the humidity.

4. Planting of plants

Pruning of plant should be done more often, it helps to remove the bad leaves and dead branches and helps the fresh branches to grow.

5. The last but not the least is fertilizers 


Summer season is the period to grow the plants, The plant should be given more fertilizer than you give in a normal season. You can easily get the fertilizers from any plant shop.

So here we made you go through some of the tips to maintain your garden. We are sure the above instruction will help you spread greenery and we also deliver flowers in India so you can check out our website and new categories.