What Spring Flower Officially Represents the Month of May?

Lily of the valley

The question of what the spring flower officially represents in the month of May has been plaguing us for decades. So what is it and what is the meaning? You may have already guessed the flower Daisies, but did you know about Sweet peas, Lily of the valley, and Hawthorn? Here are some fun facts. And don’t forget to check out the winner’s list! It’s a lot of fun.


As the official flower for the month of May, daisies can be seen everywhere. They are iconic flower that is usually white but can also come in other colors. These flowers were named by ancient English people after the eye, the shape of which is still seen today. Daisies are actually a member of the aster family and their common name comes from the Old English “day’s eye”. Their flower has two parts: a disc floret, which is a mass of tiny florets, and petals, which radiate out from the center. Together, these two parts work to create an ideal bouquet.

Sweet peas

While the sweet pea is edible, it is not grown for its edible qualities. In fact, it contains 20 or more seeds per plant, and they are highly poisonous to humans. Instead, this plant is cultivated for its beautiful flowers and fragrance. Despite this, it remains the official plant of the month of May. The Indiana News has provided a recipe for growing sweet peas, which includes well-rotted manure.

Lily of the valley

The flower of the May month is the lily of the valley. Other flowers in May’s birth month group include hawthorn, black-eyed Susans, and daffodil. Although these flowers aren’t usually considered cut flowers, they are considered a symbol of hope and renewal. The blooms of the lily of the valley are an excellent gift for someone special in your life.


The Hawthorn flower has been the birth flower of the month of May for over 200 years. Its delicate blooms have made it a popular flower for birthday celebrations. The month of May in the northern hemisphere signals the beginning of spring. It is also a good time to consider the flower’s many other meanings, from its mystical associations to its use as a symbol of purity and hope.


The daffodil is the birth flower for the month of March. This flower represents rebirth and renewal and is also known as the “flower of spring.” The daffodil belongs to the genus Narcissus and is a member of the daisy family. This flower has a trumpet-shaped bud and six petals. It is a symbol of wealth, beauty, and protection. Holly, also known as narcissus, is a flower that grows on trees, shrubs, and climbers. It blooms in the spring and produces fruit in winter.

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