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Teacher's Day, not a hectic word but the precious one. As we all know from childhood that teacher's day is celebrated on 5 September. Well !! That's the general thing but nobody bothers to dig out the history and importance of this special day. Teacher's Day is the common day celebrated to honor the valuable teachers. guides and mentors and is celebrated all the over the world but the difference stucks at the point that every country has its own date to celebrate teacher's day. 5 October is the world's recognized teacher's day. In India it is celebrated on 5 September. All this has a beginning story.


Let's us Start the story behind this.

Teacher's day is celebrated in the honor of one of the greatest personalities of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhkrishnan. He was the professor of philosophy at the University of Mysore and he had such a great mind. He always thought that teachers should have the brightest mind in the country so they will be able to impart all of the knowledge possessed by them. He was not merely a teacher but he was the first vice-president of our country. Then he became the second president of India. After that Dr. Sarvepalli got the highest civilian award present in our country, that is Bharat Ratna. He always said, " The true teachers are those who help us to think of ourselves". Since 1962, his birthday is celebrated as the Teacher's Day in the country. He was the coolest professor of his time and every student just loved him and followed him. On his birthday one of his students asked to celebrate his birthday and then he said that I will be happier if it is celebrated for all the teacher and then this day is dedicated to him every year.

Youth is the mirror of the development of any country as ultimately they are going to take the lead in the future. All of them are like raw soil and they are going to take the shape in which they will be moulded. So the teachers at the early stage are the subtle part of the development of a child. The Teachers need to be trained and should have the capability of transforming a child into a good social, physical and mental human being.

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