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Raksha Bandhan Gifts

Raksha Bandhan, the pious festival of brother and sister is about to come soon this year. It is the popular festival among the Hindus, especially in India. Many Muslims families have also accepted this festival and moving towards secularism. Christian families also take part in Raksha Bandhan and this is celebrated worldwide. We celebrate this festival every year with all the craze and fun but have you thought of what these words- Raksha and Bandhan means? Raksha denotes the protection and Bandhan goes for fastening or making the bond stronger. Yeah, that's why Sisters ties a thread or fancy rakhis on the fist of their brothers. Markets get full of designer rakhis, gifts, and many more goodies. Sisters become ready to celebrate it at its fully-fledged state. They bring the best rakhi and accessories. Brothers also get ready with the gifts. Then Sisters ties amulet or thread, which is known as rakhi. Brother offers a token of love in the form of gift or money. The protection is formally offered by the brother to their loving sister.



In our Hindu community, every festival has its unique importance and a story associated with the celebration of the festival. There is a similar story behind this also. Lord Ganesha had two sons, Shubha and Labha. The two boys become sad that they had no sister to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with. They ask their father Ganesha for a sister, but to no avail. Finally, saint Narada comes who successfully persuades Ganesha that a daughter will enrich him as well as his sons. Ganesha agreed and created a daughter named Santoshi Maa by divine flames that emerged from Ganesh's wives, Riddhi (Amazing) and Siddhi (Perfection). Thereafter, Shubha Labha (literally "Holy Profit") had a sister named Santoshi Maa (literally "Goddess of Satisfaction"), to tie Rakhi over Raksha Bandhan.

sister and brother
Raksha Bandhan comes on Last day of the Lunar eclipse of Shravan Calender. It falls mostly in August.


Sisters are an indispensable part of lives of the brothers and they occupy the most special part in the heart of brother. We know, no one like their siblings and a lot of cute fights happens every day in between Brothers and sisters. Despite cute fights, you cannot see a tear in each other's life. Sisters express their love but Brothers are incapable of doing so. Sisters are also excited about the Raksha Bandhan but they are bit more expressive and excited than brothers usually. As you have a sister/brother, why not gift her/him something they could cherish all their life. Now confused what to gift, do not worry we are here to make your work easy. Flower Portal has come to serve their visitors with the treat of various gifts and cakes combos, You can also go for the customized and special cakes we provide on our website. We assure the quality and the service at it's best. You just plan to surprise your sister or brother and we are going to help you and deliver your gifts to them. Unique gifting options are available for you guys. Prices are negotiated and are then displayed on our website. Do not worry about the money you are spending on the gifts as this is not more than the invaluable smile it will bring on the face of your loved ones. What are you waiting for, place your order before we get out of stock!!!!!