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New Year 2019 Party Ideas With Friends

So, Are you waiting for a new year? Right? Everyone is waiting for a new year as the countdown has begun. 2018 Is about gone and everyone is planning for the 31st party and some peoples are confused what to do on 31st. Well everyone is busy on their work in these days so 31st is the best day to meet and celebrate the party with each other. But some people like to send gifts online to their loved ones for wishing on Newyear. But there are people who like to celebrate the new year with their friends together. Always there are ideas in mind to go to restaurants or bars to celebrate the party but sometimes no budget so we have some special ideas to celebrate the party in the budget with your friends.


It’s Newyear and if you are north Indian then you can understand how much is amazing bonfire is. As it’s winter time when the new year comes and north India is under a cold wave at this time. So let’s make it comfortable with a bonfire to make a circle around the bonfire then have drinks and cheers to everyone. If you are staying in the metro city then you have a great option for a better place like a lawn or a park to celebrate the new year party in a lower budget. Around the bonfire you can dance, sing, strum the guitar, or can narrate a horror or special story of your life with your friends on this day. After Drinks, you can have dinner with each other to arrange the food in advance and enjoy a new year with this amazing idea of the new year.

Bon fire


You will seriously like this idea of “potluck party”. Have you heard it before if you haven’t then you are going to save your time, money and going to have fun with your friends this new year and welcome you in 2019? Firstly call those relatives or friends who are thick and thin in this party and ask them to bring anything but not order it strictly you will need to say that you can’t order online or buy it from outside then lets have a group discussion so that nobody can’t end up with bringing the main course only and forget the desserts. Select a friend with everything from starter to the main course, drink the mocktails and slurp the dessert. I am sure you have planned with this idea on this New Year. As everyone will be able to involved in paying the bill and you will be safe and don’t need to ask for pay. You can easily now say to each other how was the taste.

3.Candles Decoration

If you are looking for simple & easy means no noise on this new year so this is for you or if you are hosting a new year party so you can do home décor and should look into your department. As you know that lot’s of people will come to your home obviously you want your home neat & clean. So go for candle décor when you will be done with cleaning so let’s make your own candle and place it in the home like a dining table, sofa table, side table or other places where guest can see your decoration. We will suggest you watch some videos on youtube to decore the candle where you will get the help. I am sure people will appreciate your effort or decoration of candles designs.