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Happy Friendship Day 2018 : SUNDAY 5th AUGUST

Friendship day is a international festival that is celebrated to all the nations. It was originally founded by hallmark in 1919, but it was not recognised as officially. Back in April 2011 the united nations (UN) formally recognised 30th July as International Friendship Day, nicely every country celebrate the friendship day on the first Sunday of August every year.

Happy Friendship day 2018

Friendship Day Upcoming Years

05 AugustFriendship DaySUNDAY2018
04 AugustFriendship DaySUNDAY2019
02 AugustFriendship DaySUNDAY2020
01 AugustFriendship DaySUNDAY2021
07 AugustFriendship DaySUNDAY2022

As you can see the above table on every year the first Sunday in august is the friendship day celebrated.

Main Reason to celebration of friendship day

Friendship is the day to say you love or feeling to your friends and to make new friends. Friendship day is merely a UN observance it is not a public holiday. This is really a great idea to celebrate friendship afternoon as each country accepted this and celebrate this festival. On this year Friendsday will probably be celebrated on 05th August. Most of the time there is the situation where a family can not assist us as we do not share because we understand they can't help us friends assist us. As friends help us in each up and downs of life. Well, every friend has that friend who is like a relative as we said he is best friends. If you do errors he just not to guide you personally but he scolds to you and accept you on the right path and help you like a family member and he's the Person Who always with you in your joy and saddest part in your life. Friendship day is not merely a day but a day of emotion entirely.

Friends dont let you do stupid things

People are waiting with their excitement for friendship day 2018. Friendship day always celebrated with joy and with zeal. Along with this they send gifts to their friends as well as fantasies and bands that is indication of friendship.

Friendship day is the day when people can express their Feelings and love to forget their workplace work or some other tension, they like feel free and do the masti(enjoyment) with friends that don't matter it's boy or girl as both appreciate this day with their buddies and chill in the party club or any restaurant where they feel great.

Send to your friends some happy friendship day quotes, wishes, greeting cards, and send via what’s app status.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes

"We are best friends Always remember that If you fall, I will pick you up After I finish laughing"

" Friendship is not a big thing It’s a million little things Happy friendship day "

"Always Remember An Idiot Who makes you Laugh in his presence, Will definitely make you Cry in his absence..!! Because Those idiots are our Real Friends..!! Happy Friendship Day "

"Life goes on.. Whether you choose to move on and Take a chance in the unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, Thinking of what could’ve been."

“You should never have to think twice about who your true friends are. If you do, they aren’t true.”

Send Gifts to your Best Buddy with flowerportal

As if you're far from your best friend and if you aren't connected correctly with him because of your office work or business, that means you've got a fantastic opportunity to create a day special for your friend and can remember it to send gifts online with us and we will help you to send your feelings, so just select any gift on our site and wish to your very best friend "Happy friendship day".

We could say friendship day is actually a perfect day when you have an opportunity to make your friend happy with your gifts. As it is not only a gift, it's your own emotion.

Quotes for best buddy.

You can use the below quotes also on friendship day to wish your best friend.

"A friend is someone who can understand you, someone, you can trust on, Someone you can just depend on, that is you, my friend, thanks for everything that you have done I really adore you for that"

"Some friendships are worth more than the most precious stone and ours is one of them"

"True friends are like a soul of the lie, without them it is tough to strive, thanks to my friend for always being there, with your life is awesome I swear, a very happy friendship day! "

"Best friends are more like family. thank you for being that and more happy friendship day"
" A brother is a friend god gave you; a friend is a brother your heart chose for you."

Above quotes you can also send with gifts like flower bouquet or cakes that will be great with the above messages